Welcome to Carolina Truffières

We are experienced growers of inoculated seedlings for truffle orchard establishment. With this experience, we have identified several key components in orchard establishment and management that have been missing in the industry here in the United States. Our many years of horticultural experience, along with fresh and new innovations, combine to offer the industry unprecedented potential and growth. Our customers directly benefit from every strategy we currently implement in our own truffières. When doing business with us, you are gaining access to a proven product and management strategy designed to make your orchard successful.

Our primary goal is to collaborate with our customers to produce productive, enduring orchards in the shortest time frame possible. Accordingly, to accomplish this goal we can assist with farm site-assessment, host-tree selection, and truffle species recommendations for your location. Furthermore, we can assist you with orchard density, orchard orientation, and ongoing management strategies. We can and will guide you through this process to ensure your orchard produces quickly with high yields. In addition, we are also available to assess your business model and guide you in achieving a profitable, sustainable agri-business.

Sterile Growing Conditions

At Carolina Truffières, sanitation is our key priority. In order to prevent competitive mycorrhizaa from entering the greenhouses, we use water filtration to 1-micron, UV water purification, and completely sterile and soil-less substrates which we sanitize ourselves in-house.

Proven Protocol

Our proprietary and proven inoculation methods ensure superior inoculation rates and a superior end result. As a result, we offer seedlings with the highest inoculation rates in the US market. In fact, upon request, each shipment goes out with a photo-microscope analysis to ensure proper mycorrhization.

Only Premium Seed

Our seed is hand-picked from the highest quality sources in Spain, the U.S., and abroad. In our selection, we offer the cold-hardy Quercus ilex ssp. rotundifolia (Holly Oak), Q. faginea (Portuguese Oak), Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir), and Corylus colurna (Turkish Hazel).

Return on Investment

With an incredibly high ROI, an investment in a truffière is a great way to create a steady flow of cash into any investors pocket. Ideally, an annualized ROI of 65.7% is achievable with a total return of 1,150% by year 5. As such, truffières are able to break even within a few years. No previous farming experience is required, though there will be a learning curve without a background in agriculture.

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